Maurizio Oriente_archietectujpgMAURIZIO ORIENTE

Born in Caltagirone (Sicily), Maurizio Oriente is based in Milan with a subsidiary office in Sicily.

After graduation in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan with a thesis on Garden and Landscape Design, he specialised in the design of brand-new residential and commercial buildings as well as in Interior Design.

He has also developed a specific ability and competence in the restructuring of historical and ancient buildings subject to strict preservation rules.


Areas of activity:

  • Design of large and small apartments from concept to keys-in-hand including complete renovation of existing apartments and town houses (Milan, Rome, Geneva, Sardinia, Sicily,).
  • Design and construction of residential villas, complete with swimming pool, gym and garden (Tuscany, Sicily).
  • Design and construction of trendy shops and boutiques. Design of stands and booths at international Exhibitions (Milan, Rome, Bologna)
  • Design of offices for professionals and industry (Milan, Sicily)
  • Design and production of home furnishings.
  • Last completed project: a large fitness center in Sicily, complete with pool, gym, relax area and sauna bath.
  • Of special interest: an award-winning project for a luxury residential district in Dubai designed to fit strict requirements of the client concerning climate, local customs and energy saving devices.



As a creative act, a project isn’t just born out of the meeting between a place, a client and practical needs. The key to the defining idea – which I consider unfathomable – at the core of every project is to be found, almost always, in the very personal and exquisitely sensorial perception emanating from the place itself.

There are many possible types of intervention, and for each of them the approach is unique and unrepeatable. In any case, however, there is no such thing as “prêt-à-porter” if one’s goal is to create architecture worthy of its name.

In terms of professional practice, counting on the experience acquired and consolidated along the years, all this for me translates into:

  • Innovative solutions in the re-use of disused industrial spaces.
  • Creative solutions in the optimization of small spaces.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology for thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Adoption of the bio-architecture fundamentals.
  • Synergic use of traditional materials (marble, stone, wood) and new ones
    (COR-TEN steel®,  Corian®, synthetic resins).
  • Synergic use of natural lighting effects and artificial dimming/shielding techniques.